How will this new law be enforced?

Retailers should note that compliance with State law for flavored tobacco sale restrictions will result in compliance with the Napa Municipal Code as well. 

Additionally, the City of Napa’s goal is compliance on all Municipal Code requirements, and will work in partnership with retailers to meet these new requirements. The new code does allow the City to enforce the provisions with methods including administrative penalties and citations if necessary. 

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1. What is the new law on flavored tobacco products?
2. When does the flavored tobacco products sales prohibition go into effect?
3. Why is the City of Napa enacting this ban?
4. Why are flavored tobacco products, including flavored cigarettes, a public health concern?
5. How are “tobacco product” and “characterizing flavor” defined in the law?
6. What is a flavored tobacco product?
7. Which flavored products fall into the exemption category?
8. How will this new law be enforced?
9. Where can I go for more information on this new ordinance?