How will violations be determined?

Once a violation is confirmed, a Notice of Traffic Violation is mailed to the red-light offender or the registered owner. The left-hand side includes the driver's and/or the registered owner's information, date to appear in court, and the court's contact information. The right-hand side has four photographs of the red-light incident:

  • The first photograph or video shows the vehicle at or behind the limit line when the light is red.
  • The second photograph or video shows the vehicle through the intersection while the light is red.
  • The third photograph shows the driver of the vehicle.
  • The fourth photograph shows a close up of the license plate.

In addition to the four photographs, there is a 12-second video captured of the violation. If desired, the driver or the registered owner can view video footage from any computer.

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1. What is “running a red light”?
2. The citation or notice says that I ran a red light; but I know I stopped.
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7. I slowed down and there were no cars coming. It was safe.
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19. How will violations be determined?
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