If passed, how would the funds from the sales tax measure be used?

As with all budget decisions, funds from a measure would be allocated each year by the City Council based on need and community input. Recent opinion polling of City residents indicated that the highest funding priorities of Napa voters are: Repairing potholes, streets, and sidewalks. Ensuring water quality in local creeks and streams. Sustaining fire protection programs and upgrading/updating fire stations to accommodate modern equipment, while ensuring disaster preparedness and operations in an emergency. Ensuring upkeep of city park and recreation facilities. Addressing homeless encampments, abandoned vehicles and connecting homeless residents to mental health services and facilities Maintaining 911 response times and providing a police mental health response team for non-violent 911 calls. Preserving senior services and facilities. Supporting teen programs and youth violence prevention/intervention programs to keep kids away from gangs and drugs.

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1. What is the fiscal challenge facing the City of Napa?
2. What is the City of Napa considering to address this challenge?
3. What is the potential ballot measure being considered by the City Council?
4. How much money could this potential sales tax measure raise?
5. Has the City explored other funding options besides a sales tax?
6. If passed, how would the funds from the sales tax measure be used?
7. Are there any safeguards that the revenue will be spent on these City services and projects?
8. Is this already on the ballot? What are the next steps?