When does the ordinance take effect?

The ordinance was passed by the City Council in the summer of 2014; however, in order to allow sufficient time for businesses to use up their existing inventory of bags and to adjust to the requirements of the ordinance, implementation will be phased in over six months, going into full effect on January 1, 2015.

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1. What is the purpose of Napa’s Single-Use Bag Reduction Ordinance?
2. What does the ordinance cover?
3. What bags are affected?
4. Are there any exceptions to this ban?
5. When does the ordinance take effect?
6. Who is affected by the ordinance?
7. What about the statewide plastic bag law?
8. Is an ordinance the same as a law?
9. Why didn't this go on the ballot for a vote?
10. How will the ordinance be enforced?
11. What happens to businesses that do not comply?
12. What is being done to educate the public?
13. Where can I get more information?