Do businesses and/or tourists pay their fair share of costs under proposed rates?

All the proposed rate adjustments are applied universally and applied at the same percentage increase as residential ratepayers for non-residential accounts. Non-residential lines of service include all commercial generators, including businesses that serve tourists such as hotels and restaurants. 

For example, a business currently paying $423.35 per month for a two-cubic yard trash bin serviced once per week, will pay $521.57 per month as of January 2020 and $597.10 per month as of January 2022 under the proposed rates. Roll-off debris (and recycling) box customer rates are also increased at the same proposed percentages as residential rate customers. More detailed information on proposed rate and rate-setting methodologies are available at Napa City Hall (955 School Street) or online at

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10. Do businesses and/or tourists pay their fair share of costs under proposed rates?
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