What are we doing to address our facility needs?

At City Council’s direction, considerable work has been done to assess project goals and needs, and to revisit existing space needs and site analyses. Here is a recap of the work that has been completed to date, as well as a snapshot of what the community can expect in the coming months.

On December 11, 2018, staff shared an update on the project with City Council, which included changes to the project team, a financial forecast overview, and a discussion of project options. Ultimately, the City Council requested that staff perform a deeper analysis on project options for some version of a Public Safety and City Hall Facilities project and return with these options for review. Council formed an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Vice Mayor Scott Sedgley and Councilmember Mary Luros to work directly with staff, and also directed staff to prioritize communication with the community and City employees.

On March 5, 2019, staff returned to City Council to review project goals set forth by the City Council when the original project request for proposals was issued in 2017. Council carefully reviewed and affirmed each goal, added two additional goals - which were to increase communication and community involvement and develop a project that is within the City’s financial capacity to support - and unanimously committed to moving forward with finding solutions for updating public safety and City Hall facilities.

With the City Council’s direction in mind, and with a commitment to take a measured approach, the project team will: 

•    Assess the condition of current facilities that are in need of repair or upgrades and lack current technology, then determine the best way to address these issues

•    Engage the community and staff in the project planning process

•    Consider community needs when it comes to accessing City services

•    Address staff needs for delivering accessible and efficient service to the community every day and especially during emergencies

•    Evaluate the City’s current financial forecast to better understand what options will be affordable and how best to balance the costs associated with either maintaining or upgrading current facilities, and/or building new facilities

•    Analyze potentially feasible project sites for the proposed project, within a geographical boundary approved by Council

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1. Why are we evaluating our public safety and City Hall facilities?
2. What are we doing to address our facility needs?
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