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  1. Additional Pay Request
  2. Annual PPE Inspection Form
  3. Controlled Substance Incident Report of Discrepancy
  4. Employee Recognition Program
  5. Facilities Work Order Request
  6. Influenza Vaccination Declination Form
  7. Name Tag/Business Card Order
  8. Quarterly Ladder Inspection
  9. Report of Lost or Damaged Equipment or Safety Gear
  10. Request for Educational Assistance
  11. Request for Release of Incident Report Information

    Incident Request Form

  12. Self-Inspection Packet
  13. Submit Construction Documents
  14. TB Testing Declination Form
  15. TEST ONLY- Online Solar Plan Submittal

    This form shall be used to submit "over the counter" residential solar plans less than 10kw. Please ensure all required information is... More…

  16. Weed Abatement Complaint Form

    We are urging all citizens to help us protect their homes and businesses by limbing up all trees, removing all weeds and brush to a... More…

  1. Additional Station Supply Request
  2. Application for Outside Employment (OBSOLETE)
  3. Employee Information Change
  4. Expense Reimbursement
  5. Fire Investigation Team Notification

    This form is to be used to notify the Fire Investigation Team of each fire type incident. This replaces the previously required email... More…

  6. Juvenile Firesetter Referral Form
  7. PPE Repair or Replacement Request
  8. Report a Dispatch Issue
  9. Request for Construction Inspection
  10. Request for JAC Funds
  11. Request to Use Department Vehicle/Equipment
  12. Social Media Post Suggestion
  13. Supervisor's Report of Work-Related Near Miss, Injury, Illness, or Exposure

    This form is to be filled out by Napa Fire Department employees only. All other city employees please follow the normal reporting... More…

  14. Temporary Tent Permit

    City of Napa Tent Permit

  15. Update Your Emergency Contact Information