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Trespass Arrest Authorization

  1. Trespass Arrest Authorization
    The Napa Police Department accepts Trespass Arrest Authorizations online. Please complete the form below for each unique address for which you are submitting an authorization. Within 24 hours, an e-mail will be sent to you acknowledging receipt of the authorization. A reminder e-mail will be sent five days prior to the authorization expiration date and again when the authorization expires. Upon expiration, a new authorization form will need to be submitted.
  2. Person Authorizing Arrest
  3. Location of Authorization
  4. Property Status*
  5. Confirmation*
    In accordance with Penal Code section 602(o) and Napa Municipal Code Section 9.12.160, I authorize any peace officer of the Napa Police Department to request any unauthorized person to leave the property at any time the property is not open to the general public, and to arrest any person who refuses or fails to do so. This authorization does not apply to persons engaged in lawful labor union activities or who are on the premises at the request of a resident or management. I understand that this authorization is in effect during my absence from the premises. If I am present when the trespass occurs it is my responsibility to notify the Napa Police Department. I, or my agent, will cooperate in the prosecution of anyone arrested for these offenses. I understand that this letter is valid for a maximum period of 30 days (per 602(o)PC) and I must renew the letter at the appropriate time if the need still exists.
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