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Turf Replacement Rebate Program

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current popularity of this program, Pre-Inspection appointments may be scheduled out up to 4 weeks.  Please plan accordingly.  Remember, fall is the best time for planting.

turf.jpgSupported by a Prop 84 Grant from the California Department of Water Resources, the City of Napa is offering water customers an incentive to replace their thirsty lawns with water-efficient landscaping.  The program offers $1.00 per square foot to replace eligible lawn areas with:

  • Low-water-use, climate-appropriate plants, and/or
  • Permeable hardscape, and/or
  • Artificial Grass ((polyethylene and nylon products only)

The program is open to all properties that are served by a City of Napa water account - residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional.  The following per site maximum rebate amounts apply:

     $750 for Single-Family Residential (equivalent to 750 square feet of lawn removed)
     $2,500 for HOA/Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial/Institutional (equivalent to 2,500 square feet of lawn removed)
Customers may of course remove more turf area than is covered by the rebate program, but the per site maximum $ still applies.

If you are an interested customer, be sure to fully review the Cash For Grass Terms and Conditions.
Customers must consent to brief Pre- and Post-Inspection site visits.
NOTE: Lawn areas to be converted must be historically healthy and irrigated.
Long-dead lawns or lawns already removed at the time of pre-inspection are not eligible for the Cash For Grass rebate.

Steps To Participate

  1. Call the Water Conservation Specialist at 707-257-9497 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to schedule a brief Pre-Inspection visit to have the lawn area measured.
  2. Following Pre-Inspection, await receipt of your Notice to Proceed letter containing a pre-approved application from the City.  Do not remove lawn until you receive these documents in the mail.
  3. Remove the lawn area and install your project according to the program Terms and Conditions.
  4. Call the Water Conservation Specialist at 707-257-9497 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to schedule a Post-Inspection visit.  Post-Inspection must take place within four (4) months of the Notice to Proceed.
  5. Provide at Post-Inspection your final completed Application, a list of plants and materials used in the conversion, and copies of receipts for costs incurred.  Rebate checks will be processed within four (4) weeks.

Some Water-Wise Plant Resources

Want to get rid of that high-water-use lawn, but aren't sure what to put in its place?  The following resources can help:

ALERT:  To retain Cash For Grass rebate eligibility, DO NOT INSTALL HIGH-WATER-USE PLANTS in your converted landscape.  Only low- or moderate-water-use species are acceptable.  High-water-use plant species are those listed as needing "Regular Water" or "Ample Water" in the Sunset Western Garden Book and those classified as High (H) water use in WUCOLS.