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Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops PDF Print Email

Each year the City of Napa teams with the Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD) and Napa County Public Works to sponsor FREE Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops, made possible by the expertise of the UC Master Gardeners, the California Native Plant Society Napa Valley Chapter, and area professionals.  Topics are designed for Napa Valley residents interested in maintaining and beautifying their landscape while keeping water bills low.  Living in a drought-prone state, all Californians are urged to minimize their water use.  Outdoor conservation is still the key to our water future. 

*** Stay Tuned for our Fall 2014 Workshop Schedule ***


Highlights of the Fall 2013 Water-Wise Landscaping Workshop Series:

IRRIGATING SMARTLY, September 16, 2013

drip emitter.jpgAfter participants learned about weather-based "Smart" controllers and a new online tool/smartphone app for watering schedules, Harmony Farm Supply staff resolved the mysteries of drip irrigation, the most efficient water delivery system for plants.  Real-life drip applications were discussed and system components were displayed.  All attendees enjoyed some hands-on practice.
View the presentation slides.

PREPARING YOUR SITE, September 23, 2013  

wheel barrow.jpgFollowing a summary of the eight principles of water-wise landscaping, local Master Gardeners thoroughly reviewed our local soils and the critical importance of aeration, amendments, and mulch.  The basic landscape design concept of hydrozoning was introduced.
View the presentation slides.

*** LOSE YOUR LAWN, September 28, 2013

bfl logoThis was a free Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition event.  Attendees learned how to remove lawn without tearing it out!  Along with design and plant selection advice, there was a hands-on demonstration of sheet mulching, the innovative technique of layering materials on top of your lawn, allowing you to plant right into it.  The hour-and-a-half talk was followed by an hour of tabling where participants could receive one-on-one advice from a Bay-Friendly Qualified garden design expert.  There was also an opportunity to continue sheet mulching on site to help us lose the remaining lawn at the new Vintage High School Rain Garden and Water-Wise Landscape

CAPTURING THE RAIN, September 30, 2013

rain cloudSlow it - Spread it - Sink it!  Area experts showed how and why to design and install a rain garden on your property and illustrated the best techniques for capturing rainwater to supplement your irrigation supply.  Napa County's rebate incentives for rain gardens and rain barrels/cisterns were publicized.  
View Part 1 and Part 2 of the slide presentation.

rake*** LAY THE GROUNDWORK, October 5, 2013

Participants joined the team developing the Vintage High School Rain Garden and Water-Wise Landscape, a valuable new educational resource for the Napa community showcasing sustainable gardening.  They put into practice their workshop learning by weeding, spreading mulch, and adding drip irrigation lines and emitters. 


flower.jpgFeaturing a special presentation by Sarah Sutton, author of The New American Front Yard: Kiss Your Grass Goodbye, our annual plant show demonstrated that drought-tolerant is anything but boring.  Colorful and beautiful tree, shrub, perennial, grass, vine, and groundcover species were discussed, along with landscape design principles.  Dozens of plants were on hand for viewing, including California natives. 
View the presentation slides.