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Each year the City of Napa presents FREE Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops in cooperation with UC Master Gardeners, the California Native Plant Society Napa Valley Chapter, and area professionals.  Topics are designed for Napa Valley residents interested in maintaining and beautifying their landscape while keeping water bills low.  This year, in the midst of an historic statewide drought, the City is pleased to join with the Town of Yountville and the Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD) in presenting the Fall 2014 Series.  Yountville Community Hall will be the appropriate host site, surrounded by a designated Bay-Friendly Garden employing innovative irrigation techniques and rainwater collection.  Held on four consecutive Monday evenings, the series features expert presenters, free water-saving tools, literature, and door prizes, along with the latest on local rebates.  Living in a drought-prone state, all Californians are urged to minimize their water use.  Outdoor conservation is still the key to our water future. 

Fall 2014 Water-Wise Landscaping Workshop Series
"The Drought Edition"

Monday Evening Sessions  6:30-8:30 pm

Yountville Community Hall, Heritage Room, 6516 Washington Street, Yountville   MAP

REGISTRATION:  Call (707) 252-4188 ext 116 or Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


SPRINKLER SMARTS, September 15, 2014

controllerA local irrigation pro will demonstrate appropriate design and maintenance of sprinkler systems for maximum efficiency.  Attendees will learn to "take control of your controller" to keep bills down and avoid water waste violations during the drought.  An online tool/smartphone app for irrigation scheduling will be featured, along with weather-based "Smart" controllers.  Techniques for converting spray to drip will be highlighted.

DECIPHERING DRIP, September 22, 2014

drip emitterHarmony Farm Supply staff will help solve the mysteries of point-source or "drip" irrigation, the most efficient water delivery system for plants.  Real-life drip applications will be discussed and system components will be displayed.  All attendees will enjoy some hands-on practice.

SOILS, MULCHES & MORE, September 29, 2014  

wheel barrow.jpgFollowing a summary of the eight principles of water-wise landscaping, local Master Gardeners will thoroughly review our local soils and the critical importance of aeration, amendments, and mulch.  The "sheet mulching" technique for lawn removal will be highlighted, and the basic landscape design concept of hydrozoning will be introduced.

PERFECT PLANT PICKS, October 6, 2014 

flowerA local Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscaper will show that drought-tolerant is anything but boring.  Colorful and beautiful tree, shrub, perennial, grass, vine, and groundcover species will be discussed, along with landscape design principles.  Dozens of plants will be on hand for viewing, including California natives.  Local "Cash for Grass" and rain garden rebates will be publicized.