Thursday December 5, 2013

With the current unusually cold temperatures,  the City of Napa Water Division offers some suggestions to keep your private water pipes from freezing.  Exposed pipes, including the service tie-in into the house, faucets, and backflow devices, should be insulated to help prevent water within the pipes from freezing.  Insulating material can be towels, blankets, old rags, or pipe wrap from a local hardware store.  The insulating material should be wrapped around all exposed pipes and secured with tape or wire.  The exposed service pipe that enters your house will typically be found in the front yard near the front door. If you discover unusually low water pressure or no water from the faucet, there is a good possibility that a pipe is frozen in your system and you may need to contact a plumber for assistance.  If you need the water shut off due to a leak, please call (707) 257-9544 during normal business hours or (707) 253-4451 after hours for assistance.