The City of Napa's elected officials, appointed officials and staff are committed to transparency on compensation. To make it easy to find a comprehensive set of information on pay and benefits, this Compensation Information web page has been created. Follow the links below for details.

Elected Official Compensation

Appointed Official Compensation

There are two City Boards or Commissions that receive pay:

Employee Compensation


Top level managers have individual contracts that are approved by the City Council. Listed below are the monthly salaries of these managers, as of July 2014, with benefits shown in the bullet points below.

  • City Manager Mike Parness: $17,422 Follow this link for the City Manager's contract
  • Assistant City Manager Nancy Weiss: $14,072 (Now retired)
  • City Attorney Michael Barrett: $15,407
  • City Clerk Dorothy Roberts: $10,220
  • Community Development Department Director Richard Tooker: $13,136
  • Finance Department Director Brian Cochran: $13,401
  • Human Resources Director Darlene Colaso: $12,568
  • Fire Chief Steve Brassfield: $16,568
  • Parks and Recreation Services Department Director John Coates: $12,974
  • Police Chief Steve Potter: $16,509
  • Public Works Department Director Jack LaRochelle: $14,626


Follow this link to view a document that details the benefits available to top level managers (Non-Safety).

Follow this link to view a document that details benefits available to top level managers (Safety).

Follow this link to view the Executive Compensation and Terms of Employment Summary (Eff. 2016)

Employees of the City are represented by one of six employee groups which agree to compensation terms through the use of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

  • Administrative, Managerial and Professional Employees (AMP)
  • Napa City Employees Association (NCEA)
  • Napa City Firefighters Association (NCFA)
  • Napa Chief Fire Officers (NCFO)
  • Napa Police Officers Association (NPOA)
  • The Management Unit of the Napa Police Department

Follow this link to the MOUs and Contracts page containing the full contracts with each of these organizations.

Follow this link to the page that contains information on employee benefits.

Follow this link for a complete list of all job descriptions and their corresponding pay ranges