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      Main phone number: (707) 258-7864

Welcome to CleanGreenNapa, the City of Napa's Sustainability Program. In 2009, the City of Napa received nearly $700,000 in grant funds from the U.S. Department of Energy. The Sustainability Program was created to manage these funds and carry forward a plan that encourages sustainability in city government and the community. The City of Napa is committed to sustainable practices, and believes that the Sustainability Program will result in a significant return on investment and greater leveraging of human, technical, and funding resources.

What do we mean by sustainability? It means we're always looking for ways to support our natural environment, and use less energy, materials, water, and fuel. We want to meet the needs of the current generation, but also live in such a way that our children and grandchildren are able to meet their needs. True sustainability also balances our environmental, economic, and social concerns. Sometimes this entails taking the long-term view; here in wine country, we know some things are worth the wait.


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Click below to view a short video with information about Napa's successful recycling and composting programs.

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Are you a homeowner looking to reduce your energy bills?  Learn about available rebates and incentives and find a participating contractor through Energy Upgrade California.       

Energy Upgrade California link

Program Update

July 25, 2012

during2With less than one month before Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds need to be spent, the City has completed some great projects that save money and energy, and set the foundation for the future by developing a Sustainability Plan. Below is a summary of each EECBG-funded project:

LED Streetlight Retrofits - Completed June 2011. We switched out 279 energy-hogging streetlights to energy-saving and longer-lasting LED lights. Look for these new lights along California Blvd, Soscol Ave, Imola Ave, Trancas St, and Jefferson St. Each year, the City is expected to save over $22,000 on our PG&E bills from this retrofit. 

City Facility Retrofits - Completed January 2012. We grabbed the "low-hanging fruit" and replaced old lights in ten City facilities with more efficient fixtures.  We expect to save nearly $50,000 every year on our PG&E bill. 

Lighting Efficiency Safe Stewardship ("LESS") - Launched Earth Day 2011 with the help of our friends at Leadership Napa Valley. There are now six locations in town where fluorescent lights can be recycled. As of March 31, 2012, over one-and-a-half tons of fluorescent lights were collected for recycling. This project has additional funding from the City of

Sustainability Plan - We know there's more to be done, both in city government and the community, and when more funding becomes available, we'll be ready for it. Our Sustainability Plan was adopted by City Council on July 24, 2012, and has two parts, a City Government Operations Plan and a Community Plan. Input was collected through community leader interviews, a bilingual, online survey, and a series of public meetings, resulting in 95 initiatives that reflect community and City government priorities. Review the survey questions and results or see a summary of survey findings.



Napa Resources

City of Napa Sustainability Plan

City of Napa Disposal Reduction Policy

2005 City of Napa Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Inventory

2010 City of Napa Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Inventory

2005 and 2010 City of Napa Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Inventories Comparison Report

Energy Upgrade California - Napa County page

Napa Recycling

City of Napa Water Division Programs, e.g. Cash for Grass, Clothes Washer Rebate, Toilet Replacement, Water-Wise Home Survey

Napa Valley Community Garden Start-Up Guide

 Napa Valley Car-Free 

City Council Updates

Sustainability Plan Adoption 7/25/12: Agenda & Video

Sustainability Program & EECBG Update 9/20/11: Agenda & Video

Approve Amended EECBG Budget 4/19/11: Agenda & Video

Sustainability Program Update 1/18/11: Agenda & Video


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