The City of Napa is currently in possession of Unclaimed Monies belonging to individuals and organizations doing business with or receiving services from the City. Unclaimed monies consists of checks that remain uncashed for a period of more than 3 years, usually resulting from checks that are returned as undeliverable by the postal service. Often the payee has moved and does not leave a forwarding address or the forwarding order has expired. In addition, checks may remain uncashed for any number of other reasons including being lost or destroyed.

 The City of Napa follows Government Code Section 50050, et.seq., which provides that unclaimed monies for items in excess of $15, which remain in the treasury or in the custody of the officers of a local agency for three (3) years, become the property of the agency. At the end of the three (3) year period, those items in excess of $15 must be published as notification that the money will become property of the agency after a designated date if it is left unclaimed. Items under $15 need not be published and become the property of the agency after one (1) year.

Escheatment to the general fund occurs if a verified claim is not filed for Accounts Payable and Materials Diversion checks by the designated date, forty-five days after the date of the first publication. After this date, money left unclaimed will become the property of the City and can no longer be claimed.

Escheatment to the State of California State Controller’s Office occurs if a verified claim is not filed for Payroll checks by the designated date, thirty days from the date of notice. After this date, all funds will be transferred to the State of California State Controller’s Office, where all further claims must be directed.

Review the following list to locate unclaimed monies that might be owed to yourself or your business:

Unclaimed Monies Listing

If after reviewing the Unclaimed Monies Listing, you have determined that the City may have funds belonging to yourself or business, print the Request for Unclaimed Monies Form and follow the Filing Instructions provided below.

The City of Napa has a duty to release funds only to the rightful payee. In this regards, we ask the payees to provide documentation to validate their claims to ensure that no one but the rightful payee can receive Unclaimed Monies.

Filing Instructions

Click Here for the Request for Unclaimed Monies Form.

On the Request for Unclaimed Monies Form, the following fields must be filled in completely in order to process your claim:

  • Check Date
  • Check Number
  • Check Amount
  • Payee Full Name/Business Name
  • Social Security Number/Taxpayor ID
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Claimant or Authorized Agent Signature
  • Date

Also if you are filing a claim for which there are multiple payees on the check, please note that each payee must sign the claim form and submit the required documentation.

In addition, you signature WILL need to be notarized if your claim exceeds $500.00.

The following documentation must also be provided to our office when filing your claim:

For Individuals:

  • A copy of current photo identification for each claimant
  • Verification of address, if mailing address is different from original mailing address or photo identification
  • Death Certificate (if making claim for deceased original owner)

For Businesses:

  • Copy of current photo identification for the authorized agent signing the form
  • Letter of Authorization on Company letterhead with the names of officers or officials with authority to sign and claim on behalf of the business.
  • If your company merged with another company, a copy of the merger agreement
  • If your company was dissolved, a copy of the articles of dissolution

Mail the completed claim form and documents to the following address:

City of Napa - Finance Department

Unclaimed Checks

PO Box 660

Napa, CA 94559-0660

When our office receives your completed claim form, we review it carefully. If the evidence is not adequate to prove your ownership, or if a subsequent payment has been processed, our office will contact you or return all documents submitted with a letter stating why the claim is incomplete or being denied. Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time.

For questions or additional information, please contact the City of Napa Finance Department at (707)257-9510 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..