Measure T will generate almost $300 million over 25 years to pay for maintenance, reconstruction or rehabilitation of local streets, roads and sidewalks countywide. 

Napa County consumers are currently paying a ½‐cent sales tax for flood control projects. This sales tax was the result of “Measure A,” which was approved by Napa County voters in 1998 and expires in 2018. Measure T is also a ½‐cent sales tax, but it won’t take effect until after Measure A expires. That means there will be no tax increase if Measure T is approved― the money from the ½‐cent sales tax we now pay will be used for street maintenance instead of flood control measures.

The City of Napa maintains about 218 miles of streets. The City primarily relies on gasoline taxes to pay for street maintenance. However, in recent years revenue from the gas tax has been flat as cars have become more fuel efficient, while the number of vehicles on the road has risen creating more wear and tear, and the cost of street maintenance has gone up. Gas tax funds are no longer sufficient to maintain our streets at the level needed. Measure T would provide another source of funds to bring our streets up to a state of good repair.

Of the nearly $300 million that will be raised by Measure T countywide, about $114 million will be set aside for fixing the streets in the City of Napa over the 25‐year life of the measure. The City is projected to receive about $4.5 million a year after the measure takes effect in 2018.

Measure T requires that 99% of the funds raised be spent on street maintenance and rehabilitation; only 1% can be used for administrative and reporting costs. The funds cannot be used for new roads or congestion relief ―the tax is only for maintenance of our local streets. It also requires a review of expenditures by an oversight board.

It also stipulates that the funds cannot be used to offset funds that are currently being spent on roads. This ensures that the City’s total budget for street maintenance will be increased for the life of the measure. The City of Napa has taken steps in recent years to increase street maintenance with paving programs and sidewalk repair programs. However, maintenance needs still exceed the funding available. The additional $4.5 million a year that Measure T would provide would help the City of Napa meet the need.

For more information, contact the sponsor of Measure T, the Napa County Transportation & Planning Agency, at (707) 259‐8631 or call the City of Napa Public Works Department at (707) 257-9520.