Monday February 4. 2013

Learn how to turn yardwaste and kitchen scraps into wonderfully rich compost to use as a soil amendment or mulch in your garden. Discover the basics of backyard composting, worm composting and grasscycling. Become familiar with tools, techniques, and types of composting bins. All this knowledge on home composting can be gained at upcoming free workshops right here in Napa County.

Home Composting Workshops will be held from mid March through Septembers at locations in the City of Napa, American Canyon, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga. Interested persons see complete details and register now at, or register by fax to (707) 257-9315 with name, address, and phone number. Napa County residents attending the workshop will have the opportunity to purchase a backyard composting bin for $20, a significant discount from the retail prices of between $95 and $130, ), or choose to receive a $30 rebate toward the purchase of a worm composting, bin, mulching lawnmower, or mulching lawnmower retrofit.