The information on this page applies only to projects with permit application dates PRIOR TO DECEMBER 1, 2015.

New permit applicants should visit the current High Performance Building Regulations and current Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) pages for the appropriate requirements.


High Performance Building Regulations

The City of Napa Building Division provides useful checklists to developers that list and briefly summarize CALGreen and local measures, noting those that are mandatory under the City's High Performance Building Regulations.  There are separate checklists for Residential and Non-Residential projects as their required measures differ:

For Residential projects, Water Use Efficiency and Conservation measures that are more stringent than CALGreen include kitchen faucet flow rate and dishwasher gallons per cycle limits.  On the Non-Residential side, Napa mandates 30% indoor savings rather than the 20% required for Residential.  Non-Residential projects must also meet mandatory measures for specialized appliances including commercial clothes washers, dishwashers, ice makers, and food steamers.  To minimize leaks, projects of all types are subject to a maximum static service pressure of 60 psi.  Indoor water savings measures for Residential (20%) and Non-Residential (30%) refer to tables and worksheets available within the published CALGreen Code:


Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO)

While the requirement that installed irrigation controllers be "Smart" (weather- or soil moisture-based) is included in the High Performance Building Regulations, outdoor water use efficiency for new projects is primarily addressed through the City's Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO).  As was described in Napa Municipal Code Section 17.52.520, projects covered by WELO prior to December 2015 include:

Prior to building permit issuance, covered projects must submit required components of a Landscape Documentation Package such as project information sheet, landscape design plan, irrigation design plan, hydrozone table, and a Water Budget Worksheet showing that the landscape's Estimated Total Water Use (ETWU) is less than its Maximum Applied Water Allowance (MAWA).  Applicants must also pay a Water Efficient Landscape Review Fee of $250 or $375.  Upon installation, applicant must submit a Certificate of Completion accompanied by an Irrigation Audit Report and Maintenance Schedule.  Complete WELO requirements are detailed in the previous City of Napa Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines (October 2010):