City inspectors continue to evaluate properties throughout the City following the South Napa Quake of August 24.  

Here is what to do if your property has been tagged:

- A yellow tag means “cautionary.”
- Property owners can access and clean their buildings, and once clean can contact the City for re-inspection.
- Call 707-258-7829 to request a re-inspection. 

- A red tag means the building structure has been damaged and is not safe to enter. Please do not enter your building.
- You must hire a qualified, licensed engineer to inspect the property and prepare a written assessment. The City will post a list of qualified engineers from the region on its website at, or you may already have one to work with.
- Submit the assessment report to the City’s Building Department at 1600 First Street, beginning Tuesday, August 26th.
- If the report indicates the building is safe to access and occupy, the City will upgrade the red tag to a yellow tag, and then you must follow the steps described above for a yellow tag.
- If the report indicates the building is not safe to access and occupy, the report will include recommendations for structural modifications. The Building Division will work with the owner on the best course of action.