Monday August 25, 29014 2:35pm

Information for downtown businesses
Clean-up assistance in public right-of-way:

 - The City has deliberately left some debris in the sidewalk and street until property owners can sufficiently photograph the damage to their buildings for insurance purposes. If your property has not been red-tagged or is not in a barricaded area and you would like assistance from the City to clean debris in the public sidewalk and street in front of you building, please call Jeff Folks at 707-290-6432.

- A debris container will be stationed in the City parking lot on the north side of Pearl Street, east of Coombs across from Kohl’s Department Store before 5:00 today. The City is coordinating with Napa Waste and Recycling to locate debris containers throughout the City and to have them emptied regularly. If more debris containers become available there may be more located in the downtown area. 

Downtown Street Closures:
- The City is working on reducing the street closures to the most necessary areas that pose a public safety hazard. In the meantime, if you need to access your downtown property, please observe the barricades that are in place. You can park on the periphery of downtown and walk in to your property to begin your clean-up. If you need to bring in a vehicle for your clean-up, please work directly with City liaison Matt Smith. You can reach him at 257-9407. You will see Matt in the field as he and his team will be walking around and making face-to-face contact with as many downtown property owners and merchants as possible.

- The scheduled conversion of First and Second streets to two-way traffic has been postponed until further notice.