City of Napa CURRENT STATUS 4pm Thur Aug 28, 2014
Following the 6.1 earthquake that hit the North Bay at 3:20am Sunday, August 24, the City of Napa declared a local emergency. The City is now in the recovery phase and remains focused on providing for public safety, restoring services, and assessing and repairing damage.

INITIAL DAMAGE ESTIMATE: The City’s initial gross estimate of damage to privately-owned structures, both homes and commercial properties in the City of Napa, is $300 million. This figure does not include damage to public buildings or infrastructure, loss of business inventories, or general economic losses. It is not known what portion of this damage will be eligible for reimbursement from government or other sources.
INTERACTIVE MAP POSTED: The City of Napa has created an Interactive Earthquake Information map that shows red and yellow tagged structures, debris drop-off locations and known water leaks. Find the link to the map at or go directly to
PLANNING REVIEW AND PERMIT FEES WAIVED: On Aug 26 the City Council passed a resolution to authorize the City Manager to waive inspection and permit fees for persons who have suffered earthquake damage. This lessens the burden on those who have a loss. The City will soon set up a one-stop Local Assistance Center for permits and other needs to make the process as easy as possible.
INJURIES: A total of 209 patients have been treated at Queen of the Valley Hospital with 18 admitted for some period of time. Most injuries are orthopedic. No new patients have been treated in the last 24 hours. There have been no fatalities related to the earthquake.
WATER SUPPLY: The total of known water line breaks in need of repair is now 30, down from the peak of about 120 on Monday. 15 known leaks and 10 newly discovered leaks were repaired today, making 52 leaks repaired in the last 36 hours. 30 repair sites are active at any given time. Less than 400 customers remain without water service. Repairs will continue round-the-clock with the goal of completing all water line repairs by the end of the day Friday. If you lost water service completely for any period of time after the earthquake, the City of Napa advises you to use one of these three options:
• Use bottled water for drinking and cooking
• Boil tap water for one full minute before use for drinking or cooking
• Use water for drinking and cooking from one of the water stations set up by the City, on Pearl Street one block west of Main, or at the Las Flores Center on Linda Vista Avenue
Once all the broken water lines are repaired and City water has been restored and tested, the City will rescind this advisory notice and post a note on your door that your water service is restored. This message provided by the City of Napa (System No. 2810003) in collaboration with the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water.
All tap water remains safe for bathing and other household uses. If you water appears cloudy but you did not lose service, let the tap run until the sediment clears.
Call 707-257-9544 with water questions. The Water Division is staffing phones 24 hours a day while repairs are made.
GAS AND ELECTRIC: While it is posible for new outages to occur, PG&E reports that electric and gas service has been restored to all Napa customers. Two Picarro leak survey cars are in use by PG&E and will continue to survey for leaks from 8pm to 1am through Friday. Any resident or business owner with concerns may call 1-800-743-5002 for a courtesy check from PG&E. Contractors are urged to call 811 before any digging for quake-related repairs. PG&E is continuing to assist the City and NRWS by providing three dump trucks for debris removal through Friday.
SEWER PROBLEMS: When you see or experience a sewage backup, report it to Napa Sanitation District (NSD) at 707-258-6000, ext. 9. NSD crews will contact you via phone ASAP and try and respond within 30 minutes, locate the blockage and determine if it is the public sewer. If it is, the crew will remove the blockage and end the sewage overflow. During emergencies, the response time may be greater and calls will be prioritized. It is important to stop using water within the building until NSD has responded to the call.
DEBRIS DISPOSAL: Debris drop off is available at these locations:
PRIMARY LOCATION: Vacant lot on Third Street (east of Soscol Ave., north side of Third at intersection of Burnell, east of RR tracks) Please use the primary location if possible.
--Fire Station 5 site - southwest corner of First Street and Laurel
--Las Flores Community Center - 4300 Linda Vista Ave

Drop boxes for earthquake debris have removed from all school sites in the City. Please do not take debris to school sites from this point forward.
Outside of downtown: Repairs to the east approach to the First Street overpass have been postponed and WILL NOT take place on Fri Aug 29. Cracks in streets are under repair on Twin Oaks Drive, WhiteCliff Circle, Meadowbrook Drive, and Sandybrook Lane and are expected to be completed on Thursday.

Downtown: Franklin St from First to Clay is closed to allow access for work on the Andaz Hotel and McCaulou’s building. The closure will continue for for approximately 2 weeks. The closure of streets in downtown Napa will continue until barricades and/or fencing is in place to protect the public from potential danger from damaged structures. However, some streets have reopened. Currently closed streets include Second Street from Coombs to Main Street, Brown Street from Second to Third, and one lane of First Street from Main to School. These closures are due to damaged structures and/or repair work. The closure of Second and Brown intersection means no access to the Second Street parking garage. No other City streets are closed in at this time. The switch to two-way streets on First and Second downtown is postponed until further notice.
STRUCTURES DAMAGED: Today 52 inspectors were at work on the second round of evaluations of damaged structures and the number of tagged structures has increased. As of 4pm, there are 822 structures in the City that have been tagged – 170 are on the red-tag list and more than 652 are on the yellow tag list. It is possible these numbers will rise as more structures receive their second inspection and interiors are seen.

A red tag means the structure is uninhabitable due to damage from the quake; a yellow tag indicates caution should be used. See for more information on red and yellow tags and how to respond to them. Please DO NOT remove any tag – red, yellow or green – from your home or commercial property. These exterior tags help inspectors know at a glance that your building has had initial review. If your structure has no tag, it is up to the individual to decide if the structure is safe to inhabit. If you believe you have significant structural damage a City inspector should come by your property to inspect for safety concerns call 707-258-7829 and follow the instructions. Today some 200 people called asking for inspections, making the total of calls received more than 1,000 since Sunday. Please be patient as City staff works to clear the backlog.
BRIDGES: All City bridges have been inspected. The new Coombs Street pedestrian bridge has a damaged anchorage and that bridge has been closed as a precaution. The Tallgrass Bridge has been closed due to damage and is expected to reopen on Friday. A temporary alternative means of foot and vehicle traffic to the Hidden Hills neighborhood is the Sandybrook Bridge at Meadowbrook. All other bridges are safe and remain in use.
SHELTERS: The Red Cross evacuation center remains in operation at the Crosswalk Community Church on First Street west of Highway 29. Eight people spent Sunday night in the shelter, 18 Monday night, 23 Tuesday night, and 36 Wednesday night. The Salvation Army has served 6,825 meals since Sunday at the shelter and from the five canteen trucks in use. The shelter will remain open and food service will continue on Thursday.
SHOWERS AVAILABLE: Napa Valley College has made the showers in their locker rooms available to households that currently don’t have showers, and those that have been displaced from their homes and are staying in shelters. The gym is the 600 Building on campus. Campus Police are currently not ticketing for parking on campus through September. The gym facilities will be open Monday – Friday: 7:30am -7:30pm and Saturday: 8am – 4pm. Closed Sunday.
SCHOOL CLOSURES: All Napa Valley Unified School District campuses resumed classes on Wednesday Aug 27, with the exception of Stonebridge School.

First Christian School was inspected and received a green-tag. The first day of school will continue as planned on Wednesday September 3, 2014.
Napa Christian School at 2201 Pine Street has sustained minor earthquake damage. The gymnasium has been yellow-tagged and several other buildings have minimal damage. Repairs are currently being made and classes will resume on Tuesday September 2, 2014 for regular school hours from 8:15 am – 3:30 pm. Questions can be directed to their main line at (707) 255-5233.

Napa Valley College and other schools are open for classes and activities.
CITY FACILITIES and PROGRAMS: The Senior Center is closed and red-tagged and will be closed until further notice, but the Senior Nutrition program resumed yesterday outside the center on the bocce courts, and 25 seniors were served. The Second Street parking garage cannot be accessed due to street closures and will be out of service for the time being. The City’s other parking garages have been inspected and are open. The Community Services Building is closed and counter services will not be available on Thur Aug 28 or Fri Aug 29 as all staff are at work in the field. All other City offices and facilites are open.
PRESS CONFERENCES: The City has no press conferences planned today or Friday. If the need arises, a new press opportunity will be offered.
PUBLIC INFORMATION: The City’s Public Information hotline is 707-258-7817. Regular status reports are posted at