Ready To Ride It Out?citizensguidetofloodingcove.jpg

Can you go it alone for three days?Would you be ready to ride it out if an earthquake hit today? Would you be self sufficient after a major flood? With some basic planning and thinking ahead, preparing your home for a disaster is easy.

The City of Napa has prepared this guide to flooding - being prepared for floods, how to responed when floods occur, and what to do after the flood. 

Here are some general tips on what to do before, during and after an earthquake, flood or other disaster, developed by the California Governor's Office of Emergencies Services to help you get ready to ride it out. 

The first 72 hours after a disaster are critical. Electricity, gas, water and telephones may not be working. In addition, public safety service such as police, fire departments and public works personnel will be busy handling serious crisis. You should be prepared to be self sufficient (able to live without running water, electricity and/or gas, telephones and assistance from safety services) for at least three days following a disaster. To do so, keep on hand in a central location the following:

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