General Ordinance Details
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• Applies to all retail establishments selling perishable or nonperishable goods directly to the customer, such as food, clothing or personal items
• Prohibits single-use plastic bags
• Promotes reusable bags
• Allows for the sale of recycled content paper bags for a minimum price of 10¢ per bag
• Allows for protective bags without handles



Retailer Checklist

• Read the single-use bag reduction ordinance (02014-10, which adds Chapter 5.65 to Title 5 of the Napa Municipal Code) for a full understanding of retailer responsibility and participation
• Phase out plastic carryout bags: use up your current supply or exchange for compliant bags before January 1, 2015
• Find a reusable bag supplier or a recycled paper bag supplier to order paper bags with at least 40% post-consumer recycled content.
• Provide customers another option by selling reusable bags
• Get ready to sell the recycled paper bags
• Program your cash register to show the sale of recycled paper bags on the sales receipt
• Charge a minimum of 10 ¢ for each paper bag as a separate non-taxable item on the sales receipt. For tax information, review the statement by the California Board of Equalization for more information about the minimum price on bags.
• Read the Retailer Brochure and the Retailer FAQ for more information regarding the ordinance

Train Your Employees

• Train employees about the ordinance criteria for recycled paper bag sales and protective bag uses; how to respond to questions or comments from customers; and on procedures for the paper bag charge.
• Provide employee information training that includes a review of ordinance requirements; download and print ordinance FAQs and communication tips for responding to customer questions at
• Place copies of the City’s customer factsheet at checkout counters for employee reference and to share with customers.
• Understand the reason for the bag charge is to deter the use of all single use bags (including paper) and promote a shift toward the use of reusable bags to reduce waste. Stores retain money collected from bag charges to cover the cost of providing bags; this charge is not subject to sales tax.
• Urge them to always ask if the customer wants to use their own bags or purchase recycled paper or reusable bags for a charge (minimum is 10¢ per bag).
• Eliminate unnecessary double-bagging and bagging of single or bulky items
• Fill bag to capacity, placing heavy items at the bottom and fragile items on top
• Inform cashiers that customers paying for goods with WIC, CalFresh, SNAP food stamp cards are be exempt from bag charges and should be provided paper bags free of charge if requested
• Protective bags include bags for meat and fish, produce, frozen goods, prescriptions, greeting cards, glass or bulk items (exempt from bag charges).
• Banned plastic bags do not qualify as protective bags unless handles are removed.

Reminders for Customers

• Ask customers “Do you have your own bag today?
• Remind customers that plastic bags are no longer available (as of January 1, 2015) and that a 10¢ fee will be charged for each paper bag
• Emphasize that the reason for the bag charge is to deter the use of all single-use bags (including paper) and promote a shift toward the use of reusable bags to reduce waste. Stores retain money collected from bag charges to cover the cost of providing paper bags; this charge is not subject to sales tax.
• Display placards at cash register and posters in windows to remind customers to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) 
• Reward customers who bring reusable bags and/or single use bags back to the store by providing reward points and/or store credit
• Have reusable bags ready to use at checkout stand if customers forget to bring their own bags
• Sell reusable bags near the checkout stand and other locations and consider giving a free reusable bag to customers who spend a specified amount at the store
• Print a reusable bag reminder on single use paper bags
• Promote the use of reusable bags in your company’s marketing, social media, and on your website; add a link to for those customers who may want more information.
• Consider donating the profits from reusable bag and/or paper bag sales to charities or schools to support environmental causes

Where to Buy Bags

Suppliers of Recycled Paper Checkout Bags
Suppliers of Reusable Checkout Bags

Retail Establishment Resources (How to Notify Customers)


Retailer Brochure (English)

Retailer Brochure (Spanish) 

Customer factsheet 

Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) poster 8.5 x 11 

BYOB Placard 3-up 

Downloadable logos for use in your marketing 

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