The Planning Division provides the forms below in PDF format. Hardcopies are also available at the Planning Division counter.

Property information for the applications (assessor parcel numbers, property sizes, General Plan, and Zoning) can be found using the Parcel Search tab on the Online Permitting and Project Review Website.


Planning Application Form (utilize this form unless you are applying for one of seven permits below)
Appeal Form
Awning / Sign Plan Check
Expanded Cottage Food Operation
Flood Waiver
Form HB-1 - Home-Based Business (file with Business License Tax Application and submit to Finance Department)
Public Convenience & Necessity Determination
Special Event Sign Permit


Commercial & Mixed-Use Design Guidelines Worksheet
Development Summary Table
Environmental Information Form
Residential & Hillside Development Guidelines Checklist

SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS (includes Planning Application Form and applicable Application Attachments)

Administrative Permits
     Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) /Junior ADU
     Agricultural Cultivation and Animal Keeping
     Carports and Shade Structures in Side Yard
     Detached Accessory Structure with Plumbing
     Outdoor Dining in Public Right-of-Way
     More than One Satellite Dish per Lot
     Small Recycling Facility
     Temporary Use


Certificate of Appropriateness

Certificate of Compliance

Design Review
     Administrative – Residential
     Administrative – Non-Residential

Extensions / Project Modification

General Plan Amendment

Lot Line Adjustment / Lot Merger

Mills Act

Reasonable Accommodation

Sign Permit

Tentative Map

Use Permit


Zoning Amendment