The Planning Division provides the documents below in PDF format.  The Planning Division strives to provide the most current information on these websites. Documents are updated periodically, are made for the convenience of the City, and may not reflect the most current data due to recent legislative updates.

General Plan

Housing Element

Downtown Specific Plan

Napa Municipal Code

     General Plan
     Zoning – Base Districts
     Zoning – Overlay Districts – :AC :SC :TI :PE :WS (coming soon)
     Zoning – Overlay Districts – :AH :FP :HS (coming soon)

Design Guidelines
     Napa Abajo / Fuller Park Historic District
     Napa Valley Corporate Park
     Soscol Corridor / Downtown Riverfront (Part 1 of 2: Cover to Page 99) (Part 2 of 2: Page 100 to End)
     Tannery Bend

     Estimated Fees - Residential Development (coming soon)
     Estimated Fees - Commercial Development (coming soon)
     Fees & Initial Deposits
     Housing Impact Fee
     Master Fee Schedule (Finance Department webpage)

     Historic Resources Inventory
     Historic Context Statement & Survey Reports – Heritage Napa

Landscape Standards

Public Art Master Plan 

Registry of Significant Trees 

Solid Waste & Recycling Enclosure Standards  |  Supplemental Builder Guidelines

Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines  |  Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Webpage (Public Works Department)

Downtown Riverfront Urban Design Plan