In 2014, The Napa City Council adopted the official policy and program guidelines for all banner displays in Downtown Napa.  The goals of the Street Banner Program Guidelines are as follows:

  • To use well-designed banners on City light poles and across City streets as a tool to accentuate city streetscapes and convey important City messages to the public;
  • To welcome visitors to Napa’s downtown and highlight key gateways to the area;
  • To announce and publicize events that are open to the public, including special community events, cultural facilities; to designate geographic areas, and market the downtown to visitors and locals alike;
  • To establish uniform procedures for the design, installation, maintenance and removal of banners; and

To limit and regulate the use of banners under these Program Guidelines to not adversely impact the primary purposes of the use of City rights of way, which is the safe and effective travel of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians on public streets and sidewalks.


The City may use banners in the Downtown Banner Area to promote the following: 

  • Special community events
  • Designated geographical districts or areas, or key gateways
  • Holiday or annual seasons
  • Cultural facilities open to the public
  • Marketing opportunities for the downtown
  • Similar events, activities or geographic area designations

The City does not allow banners to be used to promote activities or events that are not open to the public or any activity for which the City is precluded from spending public funds (such as political campaigns or religious messages), any activity that is not in compliance with any local, State, or federal law, or any image or message that is inconsistent with the Street Banner Program Guidelines. 


There are two types of banners that are part of the comprehensive Street Banner Program.  They are:

To learn more about each banner program, please click on the hyperlinks provided in the corresponding bullets above.
Banner messages must promote community events and events that are open to the public. All applications must comply with the banner program guidelines found here.  Banners may not be installed without first receiving both a banner permit and an encroachment permit.  If you have any questions about the eligibility of your banner messaging, please contact the City’s Economic Development staff for clarification.