Drought is Over, but Conservation is a Way of Life!

On April 7, 2017, the Governor officially terminated the Drought State of Emergency in California after more than three years.  While Napa and other cities are no longer subject to State-mandated emergency water use reductions, the State Water Board is proposing permanent statewide regulations to prohibit water waste and the City is enforcing for all customers:


REPORT WATER WASTE:  Call 707-257-9521 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Now that this most recent drought is behind us, the State has finalized its plan for Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life.  We urge customers to maintain water-wise habits learned during the drought, as we transition back to meeting our long-term water use efficiency goals and move to address the future requirements of this new State plan. 

Water use efficiency and conservation form an integral part of the City of Napa's long-term water management strategy.  To comply with the Water Conservation Act of 2009 (SBx7-7), the City is working to keep system demand below 132 gallons per capita per day (gpcd) for 2020 and beyond.  For our customers this means we are available to help you make every drop count, and every drop you save will reduce your own water bill!

sow logoFrom 1997 to 2002, demand on our water system averaged 170 gpcd.  Since 2003 when the City began to implement more California Best Management Practices, demand has averaged 147 gpcd, including a low of 114 gpcd in 2016.  This trend results from the evolution of water-efficient appliances, City ordinances and programs, and water recycling.  We look to continue this progress by offering our customers a variety of financial incentives and educational opportunities:

Check out the Save Our Water Video: Quick Facts about Water Use in California - And Why You Should Conserve

Reminder for Outside City customers:  Whether located inside or outside the City limits, if your site is served by the City of Napa water system (i.e. you receive a City of Napa water bill) then you are eligible for all of our water-saving incentives!

All Napa County Residents:  Click on this handy Countywide Water Conservation Map to find water-saving programs available for your home or business. 


h2ouse.jpgVirtual Water Saver Home Tour

Just click here to learn everything you need to know about saving water at home.

This comprehensive web site is operated by the California Water Efficiency Partnership.


Wondering how much water your own house uses?  Try this handy Water Use Calculator (courtesy of the Alliance for Water Efficiency). 


Water-Wise Landscaping 

More than a third of Napa's treated drinking water is used outdoors, much of it wasted in overwatering lawns and gardens.  Like only 2% of the world, Napa has a Mediterranean climate, with cool, wet winters and summer droughts.  Selecting appropriate plants, mulching, and frequently adjusting irrigation to match the weather are just a few of the actions you can take to save water in your landscape.

Take Care of Your Trees!




 droughtsurvivalguide-trees  droughtsurvivalguide-mulch










Residential Programs

Single-family and multi-family residential water use represents about 65% of Napa's total demand.  Residential customers save water and money by using the most efficient indoor appliances and fixtures, fixing leaks, and practicing water-wise landscaping.  Our incentive programs can help: 


Commercial Programs

Commercial, industrial, and institutional water use represents more than 25% of Napa's total demand.  Business, government, and non-profit institutions save water and money by using the most efficient appliances, fixtures, and processes, and by practicing water-wise landscaping.  Our incentive programs can help:

Check out other energy- and water-saving Equipment Rebates from PG&E


Free Water-Saving Devices

City of Napa water customers are entitled to an array of free conservation devices and literature.  You may receive these items as part of a Water-Wise Home Survey or Business Survey, or by visiting our display at various public events.  Or you may simply pick them up at Water Division headquarters, 1340 Clay Street, Downtown Napa (intersection of Clay and Franklin Streets).


  • showertimershowerheadShowerhead: 1.5 gallon-per-minute (gpm) Earth Showerhead, available in White or Chrome
  • Shower Timer: 5-minute Anti-Gravity Shower Timer helps change habits
  • Bathroom Faucet Aerators: 0.5/1.0/1.5 gpm, residential and commercial
  • Kaeratorkitchen aeratoritchen Faucet Aerator: 1.5 gpm, dual-setting with swivel
  • Toilet Dye: for leak detection
  • Toilet Fill Cycle Diverter: Tankee Clipper may save up to a half gallon with each flush
  • Rain Gauge: comes with Sprinkler Times promo
  • nozzlehose timerGarden Hose Nozzle: 7-position Deluxe Water Efficient Hose Nozzle
  • Garden Hose Timer: automatic shutoff, minutes to 2-hours duration
  • Garden Hose Meter: Save A Drop Water Meter attaches easily


  • California Water Facts (Water Education Foundation)
  • handbook.jpgwater wheelEducational Water Wheel (tips from Niagara Conservation)
  • Practical Plumbing Handbook (California Urban Water Conservation Council)
  • Water for Tomorrow Magazine
  • Easy WaterWise Gardening (Sunset)
  • Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants (Bay Nature)
  • soil matters.jpgeasy water-wise.jpgSoil Matters (Bay Nature)
  • Drip Irrigation Guide (Harmony Farm Supply)
  • Drought Survival 101 Guides
  • Save Our Water "Dear Neighbor" Door Hangers
  • various other water and energy program brochures  


Public Events

Look for the City of Napa Water Conservation Booth at various community events throughout the year.  Sign up for rebates and other water-saving programs, pick up free devices and literature, and check out our educational displays.  Youth-oriented events may feature our Prize Wheel or Knock Out Water Waste game.  A partial calendar for 2017 is listed here:

Water Conservation Showcase
Tuesday, March 21
Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco

Earth Day
Saturday, April 22
Oxbow Commons, Downtown Napa

Napa-Solano Home & Garden Show
April 28-30
Napa Valley Expo Fairgrounds

Napa Farmers Market
Selected Tuesday and Saturday mornings, April-November
South Napa Century Center, 195 Gasser Drive

Napa County Watershed Symposium
Wednesday, May 24
Blue Note Napa, 1030 Main Street

Bay-Friendly Garden Tour
Sunday, June 4
Napa and Yountville

Connolly Ranch Walk-in Wednesday
Wednesday, July 5, 3-5pm
3141 Browns Valley Road

Napa Town & Country Fair
August 9-13
Napa Valley Expo Fairgrounds

Yountville Days Festival
Sunday, October 1
Yountville Park

Fire & Life Safety Day Open House
Saturday, October 21, 10am-2pm
Fire Station #1, 930 Seminary Street


School Education

Knowledge of local, regional, and global water supply issues allows citizens to make appropriate decisions in preserving today's water for tomorrow's generation.  A water conservation ethic instilled at an early age will last a lifetime.

As one of the founding members of the Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC), the City of Napa Water Division is committed to working with local schools and youth groups to provide the best possible water education opportunities.  To take advantage of our FREE water education programs, please call the Water Resources Analyst at 707-257-9309 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. them.  Current offerings include:

project wet logoProject WET Workshop:  Napa County teachers can gain access to award-winning classroom activities and earn a $75 stipend or 0.5 CEU by participating in Project WET for the Napa Valley, six hours of hands-on, action-packed training.  Stay tuned for our next local offering.  Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the dissemination of classroom-ready teaching aids.  Interdisciplinary activities for grades K-12 are designed to enhance existing curriculum and are aligned to Common Core State Standards.

fieldtrip.jpgWater Treatment Plant Field Trip:  Tour of the Edward I. Barwick Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant, either separately or as part of combined full-day trip in conjunction with Napa Recycling & Composting Facility and Napa Sanitation District Water Recycling Facility.  Water Treatment Plant portion is 60-90 minutes including introductory discussion, escorted tour, and drinking water-related giveaways for students.  Grades K-12.  40 students maximum.  Tuesdays preferred.  Transportation costs may be covered.

Classroom Presentation:  40-60 minute interactive presentation on fresh water supply issues affecting California and Napa.  Emphasis is on water conservation methods.  Includes brainstorming contest on ways to save water in the home and conservation-related giveaways for students.  Grades K-12.

ZunZun Musical Assembly:  45-minute assembly program engages elementary school students with musical segments focused on where their water comes from, water and energy conservation, watershed protection, and climate change.  Free for schools served by the City of Napa water system, ZunZun's bilingual programs are always lively, with students and teachers singing and playing a variety of folkloric instruments.  This highly acclaimed group has performed in 14 countries throughout the Americas and has appeared on regional, national, and international radio and television.  For more information about ZunZun, visit www.zunzuntunes.com.  To book a ZunZun assembly, please call them directly at 831-426-0684 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

High School Video Contest:  The 2nd annual Napa County Water Conservation Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest was open to all students in grades 9-12 attending school in Napa County.  The 2016-17 contest theme was Reimagine Your Yard: Conserving Water Outdoors.  The 1st Place Winner was a collaborative team effort by Sarah Lippmann, Andrew Raymond, and Elena Ingram from Napa High School.  The winners each received a $60 gift card for the Century Napa Valley Theatre, where their video was shown before all films April 21-27, 2017.  Visit the contest web page to view the top three videos from the first two years, and stay tuned for details on the 2017-18 contest. 

Teachers and youth group leaders should also visit the CREEC web site to find additional environmental education opportunities.

Other Water Education Web Sites: