UPDATE: This work has been postponed. This message will be updated when the work has been rescheduled.


A striping change on Soscol Ave between Sousa Lane and Silverado Trail is scheduled to take place Monday evening, August 7, 2017.

The Gasser Master Plan is starting its next phase of construction to widen Soscol Ave South of Sousa Ln. To do this, the southbound lanes of Soscol Ave will be shifted left, and the 2-Way Left Turn Lane will be eliminated.

The new striping is designed to allow legal left turns onto and off of Soscol Ave from driveways. However, drivers will no longer have a center lane to begin and end left turns, and will do so from the active Thru lanes.

You will also notice new Speed Limit signs. They will be posted for a reduced speed limit of 30 mph during the construction period which is scheduled to last 4-5 months.