From Cal Fire:
THIS IS NOT A MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER. An ADVISORY means that residents should consider preparing for the potential for having to leave should the incident worsen.

An EVACUATION ADVISORY has been issued by The Napa County Sheriff’s Department. The advisory includes areas East of Silverado Trail, between Trancas Street and Soscol Avenue, East of Soscol Avenue between Siverado Trail and West Imola Avenue, East of HWY 221between West Imola Avenue and HWY 29, East of HWY 29 between HWY 221 and Jameson Canyon Road, North of Jameson Canyon Road between HWY 12 and the Napa/Solano County line.


If in this area, you are advised to be prepared, should a Mandatory Evacuation order be issued. For information on preparing for an evacuation, please visit
For additional evacuation information, contact the Napa County public information line at (707) 253-4501

1. Evacuation Advisory: This is a precautionary notice designed to give residents time to prepare for a possible evacuation. If you have special needs you might want to leave the area until the threat is passed. If you have livestock that needs transporting, you should move them.

2. Voluntary Evacuation: You are strongly urged to leave the area. If you choose to remain, you should be prepared to take action immediately if the danger approaches.

3. Mandatory Evacuation: You are in jeopardy and should leave the area immediately. If you choose to remain, you may be on your own as emergency personnel likely will not be able to help you.