Name and Rights of the City:

Name of the City.

    Section 1. The corporation now existing and known as the City of Napa shall continue and be a body politic and corporate, and by that name shall be known, and as such shall have perpetual succession.

Rights and liabilities.
    Section 2. The City of Napa shall remain vested with, and continue to have, hold and enjoy all property, rights of property, and rights of action of every kind and description now pertaining to this municipality, and is hereby declared to be the successor of the same. It shall be subject to all the liabilities that now exist against this municipality.


    Section 3. The boundaries of the City of Napa shall be as follows:
    (Note: This legal description is in the original Charter; however, territory is constantly being annexed to     the City by ordinance, and the City Engineer's records should be referred to for the boundaries of the City at any particular times.)

Powers of the City.
    Section 4. The City of Napa shall have and may exercise all powers which now are or may hereafter be conferred upon municipalities by the Constitution and laws of the State of California, and which it would be lawful for this Charter specifically to enumerate, as fully and completely as though such powers were specifically enumerated herein, and no enumeration of particular powers in and by this Charter shall be held to be exclusive.

Corporate powers, by whom exercised.

    Section 5. The corporate powers of the City of Napa shall be vested in a City Council composed of a Mayor and four Councilmen. All the powers of the City, except as otherwise provided in this Charter, are hereby vested in the City Council, and except as otherwise prescribed herein, the City Council may by ordinance prescribe the manner in which any power of the City may be exercised.