Section 17A. The City Council shall, by ordinance, determine the time, method and manner of holding elections under this Charter.
    Voting on all Charter amendments, candidates, the submission of bonds or any other matter submitted to the electors for adoption or rejection, the voter shall express his choice by indicating “YES” or “NO” on the ballot.
    The candidate who receives the most votes cast for the office for which he is a candidate shall be elected to such office, except that in the event there is more than one vacancy in the office for which candidates are elected, the candidates up to the number of vacancies who receive the highest number of votes shall be elected to such vacancies.
    Candidates for vacancies in unexpired terms of elective offices shall file nominations separately and shall be elected as provided in this section.
    All sections of the Charter, or parts thereof, in conflict with this section are repealed. (Amended May 23, 1945; February 17, 1964; March 13, 1969; March 4, 1997.)

Circulation of Petitions: City Attorney Headline for Petitions.
    Section 23. The City Attorney shall prepare a headline describing in summary form the contents of each and every petition proposing an initiative measure. Each petition circulated on any such measure shall include said headline at the top of each page of the petition. (Amended March 4, 1997.)