The Mayor:

Counting Cash.

    Section 58. The cash in the Treasury shall, at least once a month, be counted and audited under the direction of the City council and a report thereof made, in writing, to the City Council. (Amended June 9, 1944.)

Public functions.
    Section 59. The Mayor shall represent the City at all public functions.

    Section 59A. At the first regular meeting of the City Council, within thirty days following a General Municipal Election, the City Council shall annually select a Vice-Mayor to serve a one-year term from the duly qualified Councilmen by a majority vote of said Council.
    n the event that the office of Vice-Mayor shall become vacant for any reason, then within not more than thirty days from and after the date of such vacancy, the City Council shall appoint a Vice-Mayor as hereinbefore provided.
    In the event that no appointment of a Vice-Mayor is made by the City Council as aforesaid, the senior Council member shall become Vice-Mayor, based on the longest period of continuous Council service to the City of Napa. In the event that two or more Council members have the same period of continuous Council service, the Council member having received the largest number of votes at the time of his election shall be considered the senior Council member for the purpose of determining the right to become Vice-Mayor.
    If by reason of absence from the City, sickness or any other cause, the Mayor is unable to perform the duties of his office, the Vice-Mayor shall act in his place and he shall have all the power and authority which the Mayor would have possessed if personally present to attend to such duties.
    The Vice-Mayor shall be available to assist and perform such duties as may be requested at the pleasure of the Mayor.
    In the event the position of Mayor becomes vacant, the Vice-Mayor shall serve as Mayor until the City Council appoints a Mayor or until the vacancy is filled by a vote of the electorate as set forth in Section 12 hereof. Such service by the Vice-Mayor as Mayor as herein provided shall not affect his elected tenure of office. (Added January 27, 1965; Amended June 15, 1971; November 8, 1988; June 7, 1994.)