Alston Park

    Section 185.The property designated as Alston Park, situated generally on the west side of Dry Creek Road between Trower Avenue and Vinehill Drive and as described in the City’s General Plan (Envision Napa 2020) in effect in March 2003, shall be used solely for passive recreation and open space purposes, and shall not be used, improved or developed for any other purpose.  Nothing in this section, however, shall prohibit or limit the use, maintenance, improvement or development of Alston Park in a manner that is consistent with the park’s passive recreation and open space purposes and uses as of March 2003 and does not substantially diminish the park’s natural condition, or as is necessary to use, repair or maintain city utility facilities, or to comply with state or federal law or the existing conservation easement applicable to the park.  This section shall lapse and terminate, and shall be of no force or effect, on and after January 1, 2018.