"The Changing Face of Napa" is more than the title of the newsletter of the City's Economic Development and Redevelopment Departments - it reflects the new thinking about Napa's economy and the future. With the private sector increasingly interested in the burgeoning City of Napa business environment, it's become apparent that the City is joining its Napa Valley neighbors as a premier destination for visitors.

   Since 2002, the entry into the market of Trader Joe's, Talbot's, Pharmaca, Whole Foods and other highly-valued retailers has signaled a significant change in the City's retail base and appeal. The development of a Main Street "restaurant row" has led to an unpredented level of downtown food focus, accompanied by the opening of about 20 new wine bars and tasting rooms. Branded hotels, including the Westin and Ritz-Calton lines, are investing in Napa today.

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Changing Face of Napa newsletter current issue:
Summer 2009

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