The Napa City Firefighters Association (NCFA) was formed in 1960 by the firefighters employed with the City of Napa Fire Department at that time. The purpose of the NCFA is to promote charitable, educational, recreational and social activities within the fire department and community. The NCFA was also formed as a means to provide a fellowship to elevate the moral, social and intellectual conditions of members of the Association, in order to cultivate a closer feeling of friendship and good will among it's members, and to encourage a higher understanding of their calling as firefighters.

iaff.gifThe active membership of the NCFA consists of full time members of the Napa Fire Department in the ranks of Firefighter, Firefighter/Paramedic and Captain. The NCFA is the exclusive and recognized bargaining group for these same ranks. The NCFA, at the direction of the general membership, will meet and confer with the City of Napa to secure fair and reasonable working conditions, benefit packages and salaries for it's members.

On October 1, 1986 the Napa City Firefighters Association received it's charter membership with the International Association of Firefighters and our official affiliation number of Local 3124.

The NCFA sponsors many fund-raisers throughout each year. Our major fund-raisers are two annual golf tournaments and our Firefighter's Corn Booth at the local fair. In March 2001, the NCFA held its first Firefighter's Ball. These funds are used to sponsor many different organizations and citizens throughout the city and county of Napa.