January 18, 2008

The Fleet Management division of the City of Napa has received the “Model Pollution Prevention Vehicle Service and Repair Facility” award from the Cal EPA-Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC).

To receive the designation, the Fleet Management division implemented a variety of pollution prevention procedures, including new spill cleanup techniques, tightened-up management of waste fluids, and several staff training sessions. Specific steps that have been taken include:

  • Replacement of volatile parts cleaning solvent with aqueous based solutions. These solutions are treated and disposed by an authorized handler.
  • Laundering of shop towels by an industrial launderer
  • Segregation, draining, and recycling of used oil filters.
  • Exchanging old batteries, eliminating the use and storage of battery acid and excess batteries.
  • Use of a fully enclosed waste transfer system for waste oils.
  • Storing of hazardous materials, wastes, and batteries in a covered area with secondary containment away from storm and sanitary sewer drains.
  • Strategic location of emergency spill kits.
  • Posting of signs at all shop drains prohibiting the discharge of hazardous wastes or chemicals.
  • Use of the Dry-shop Spill cleanup method, which employs hydrophobic mops and eliminates the routine use of absorbents.
  • Washing of vehicles at a commercial facility.

 “Greening the Fleet is a general concept of environmentaldtscaward11808.jpg consciousness we are incorporating into all aspects of the division,” said Chris Burgeson, Fleet Manager. “In addition to this DTSC program, we are implementing Hybrid technology where it makes sense. We currently operate five light-duty hybrid vehicles, with another two scheduled for delivery this year. These vehicles all replaced conventional vehicles, thus reducing our carbon footprint. We have been tentatively approved for a NCTPA-managed grant for three heavy-duty hybrid vehicles. These state-of-the-art advanced technology vehicles will replace three aging, diesel-fueled vehicles, leveraging funding through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).”

Prior to implementing these new procedures, Fleet staff went through many hours of training materials provided by DTSC. More information on the DTSC program can be seen at http://www.dtsc.ca.gov/PollutionPrevention/VSR/VSR_P2Model.cfm

The photo at right shows, from left to right, John Ison, Cal EPA-DTSC; Chris Burgeson, Fleet Manager; and Joe Gallegos, Fleet Shop Supervisor.

What's in the fleet?

The City of Napa Maintains a fleet of that contains 318 total vehicles. Within the fleet there are:

  • 20 construction attachments and trailer-mounted units
  • 21 stationary generators
  • 33 trailers
  • 5 Police Department motorcycles
  • 46 automobiles (including 21 black & white Police patrol cars)
  • 14 light duty vans
  • 82 pickup trucks
  • 31 medium and heavy duty straight trucks
  • 9 fire apparatus
  • 15 off road loaders, backhoes, excavators
  • 37 miscellaneous small equipment units