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Residential Occupancy Inspection Program: Information regarding fire and life safety inspections at all properties containing three or more dwelling units, hotels, motels, lodging houses, bed and breakfast facilities, and congregate residences.

Weed Abatements Program: The Napa City Fire Department has announced the start of the 2008 Weed Abatement season.  Please take a moment to read this important message, as it reflects changes in our ongoing efforts to keep our community safe from fire. These changes could have a fiscal impact on  affected property owners in the City of Napa.  

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance 
The Office of the State Fire Marshal has made several major changes to the Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems regulations found in Title 19, Division 1, Chapter 5 California Code Regulations.

Click here for more information regarding Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Sysytems.

Click here for a example of the State Fire Marshal Water-Based Fire Suppression System Label.

Click here  for forms related to Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Fire Sprinkler System,  NFPA 25, Chapter 5 as amended by CCR, Title 19.

Click here  for Laws and Regulation requirements for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of water based fire protection systems per California Code of Regulations Title 19/NFPA 25.

California Office of State Fire Marshal Bulletin: “Fire Sprinkler Inspection Requirements”
Owners and/or fire protection systems contractors need to verify if sprinkler heads currently installed in a sprinkler system are part of a recall which would require replacement.   

 California Office of State Fire Marshal Bulletin: “Hood and Duct UL 300”
All existing dry chemical and wet chemical fire extinguishing systems installed for the protection of commercial cooking operations that produce grease laden vapors shall comply with UL 300, no later than the second required servicing of the system after January 1, 2008.

Fire Protection Contractors: Contractors are required to be licensed by the CCSLB. Contractors who provide work related to fire protection are required to hold either a C-16 or C-10 type license. Please read the following to identify the type of Contractor you project requires. Included is a a list of contractors that work in Napa.

Fire Safety Self-Inspection for Businesses: This form provides an opportunity for the business operator to perform a fire-safety “self-inspection” of their premises before Fire Department personnel arrive to conduct the fire safety inspection. Should you have any questions or concerns contact the Fire Prevention Division at (707) 257-9590.  Click her for a Self Inspection Form


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