alstonoaksmver.jpgUpdated Tuesday September 23, 2008

City of Napa Parks staff has completed the planned changes to the use areas at Alston Park.

The work that has been done includes installation of new signs, and new fencing to delineate the additional eight acres of off-leash dog area. Lrge, new entryway signs indicate the use areas on a map and make use of “You Are Here” indicators. New signs are now located at each trail crossing to let all park users know that they entering or leaving the off leash area. New four-foot high bollards have been installed marking the new borders of the on-leash and off-leash areas. Parks staff has also be established a new trail in the upper section of the park for on-leash dogs and owners and other park users to allow acccess to the top of the park without entering the off-leash area.