Wednesday October 8, 2008

Emergency repairs to a cofferdam will require round-the-clock work at the First Street Bridge site from Wednesday October 8 through Thursday October 9. The cofferdam repairs that are needed must be performed at the next low-low tide, which will occur at 4:30am Thursday. Further work on the west pier of the new bridge cannot proceed until these emergency cofferdam repairs are made.

Successful repairs on the cofferdam will allow the contractor to proceed with pile driving inside the cofferdam, scheduled to begin Thursday October 9 and continue Friday October 10 through Sunday October 12. Pile driving will be allowed between 9am and 7pm each of these days.

The extended work hours on this project are necessary to finish construction of the new bridge foundation prior to the end of the “in-water work window.” The “in-water work window” only allows construction activities to take place in the river between July 1 and Oct 15 each year. (The City’s request for an extension of the in-water work window to October 31 is pending.) The purpose of these restrictions is to protect endangered resources and as a spawning area for the endangered fish species, the Napa River is subject to this regulatory control. Maintaining the schedule is necessary to meet the goal of re-opening First Street by the end of July 2009.

More information on the project can be found at here.