Tuesday November 4, 2008

Mayor Jill Techel and Napa City Councilmembers Juliana Inman, James Krider, Peter Mott and Mark van Gorder met and talked with a group of over 200 Vintage High School students on October 23, 2008, with the conversation ranging from what it takes to run for office to future visions for Napa's growth, recreational opportunities and more. 


"The students wanted to know what it's like to run for office, what's involved in campaigning. And they are interested in future plans for recreational facilities like the skate park and a soccer complex," said Mayor Techel. "They also want to see some retail stores that offer things they like."

"The Council has been working on ways to get out into the community and listen to the concerns of our city residents and the students were not shy about sharing their vision for Napa," said Councilmember van Gorder. "A community center, a place to hold dances with friends, a soccer complex, affordable places for young people to eat out, gang violence, funding for non-sports related school activities, and other issues were all part of the conversation. This was a great way to connect with the youth in our community and I look forward to more meetings like this in the future."

Councilmember Peter Mott said "I love educational events, a chance to reach out to kids. These high school seniors are reaching voting age and it's good for them to know they can have an impact on the issues. As an example, the Parks and Rec Master Plan process we're starting now - that is a great opprotunity for young people to get involved and tell us what recreation is for them. We want to get their input as part of the community process."

According to Councilmember Juliana Inman, "There were some interesting and lively questions including "Does the City Council favor annexing and developing 3,200 homes at Napa Pipe?"  ...and "How do we get a soccer complex for Napa?" ...and "Is the skate park going to be demolished?"  ...and "What are the qualifications for serving on the City Council?" ...and "How do we raise money to help the choir go to the Presidential Inauguration? I encouraged students to participate in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan being done this next year, to come to council meetings to support any soccer complex plans, to reach out to service clubs and local foundations for help with this special choir trip (Kiwanis and Rotary - heads up!)"