Tuesday November 18, 2008

On Wednesday, October 29, 2008, the City of Napa's Fleet Management division hosted a field trip for students in the Napa County Office of Education Regional Occupational Program (ROP) who are learning about Automotive Services.

Fourteen students took part in the event, getting some hands-on experience in the operation of the City’s Fleet. Three student teams circulated among four workstations to gain insight into four critical areas of operation:

  • Public agency emissions testing
  • Heavy-duty vehicle safety inspection regulatory compliance
  • Emergency vehicle preventive maintenance inspections
  • Fleet Management division administration and technology

An important focus at each of these stations was demonstrating some of the differences between fleet maintenance and repairs at a public sector operation versus a private sector operation.

A final focus of the field trip was to cultivate local interest at the high school level for a future in fleet maintenance with the City of Napa.