Tuesday December 9, 2008 

The Napa City Council will hold a special meeting on Thursday December 11, 2008, at 6pm, focused on the proposed development at the former site of Napa Pipe. The meeting in Council Chambers at City Hall is intended to provide public information and additional perspective on the proposed high-density development. 

“To this point, the community has only heard the developer’s side of this proposal,” said City Manager Mike Parness. “We are sensitive to the County’s needs to meet the housing allocations from State government, but it’s time for us to begin talking frankly about the deep, wide-ranging impacts that would result if this project is built.”


“This is by far the largest and densest housing development ever imagined in Napa County, and it proposed for a location where we already know traffic is terrible,” said Parness. “If built it would result in the creation of the third largest City in the County – more than 7,000 people, surrounded on three sides by the City of Napa – an entirely new city being built on the edge of an existing City. It’s time for the community to learn more about this proposal, and it’s our responsibility to daylight more facts now.”

The City of Napa has offered to absorb 70% of the County’s housing allocations for the next 21 years in return for annexation of the former Napa Pipe site into the City. This step would allow for unified, integrated planning throughout the City and avoid the problems that come with developing more than 3,000 homes in a single location. “One of our greatest concerns is that if the County approves 3,200 homes, or even a reduced number such as 2,000 homes on this site, we can be assured that that number of homes will be built there over time,” said Parness. “Under our cooperative solution, the City would need to accept responsibility for only 450 units over the next seven years. There would be no commitment to build more housing on this site than the traffic can bear.” The City’s housing solution has not been accepted by the County of Napa at this time.

Three preliminary environmental studies that were earlier requested by the City have been completed and were released on December 9. These studies address impacts to transportation and other infrastructure, and information from the studies will be presented at Thursday’s Council meeting. In addition, the City sought out professional analysts to produce a report that will also be presented that confirms the City can absorb the County’s housing allocations and detailing impacts of the project as proposed. This report reveals the cost of infrastructure improvements that would be required if the proposed project is built.