Friday January 30, 2009

At the evening portion of their meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2009, the City Council will be asked to adopt an Urgency Ordinance imposing interim limitations on the development of property located in areas with pending flood insurance rate map changes. The properties involved are affected by flood risks on the Napa River, Napa Creek and Salvador Creek.

In an effort to enhance flood protection, the City adopted Napa Municipal Code Chapter 17.38, which provides a comprehensive local regulation of development within special flood hazard areas.  The City’s local regulation is based on, and is a supplement to, federal regulations which are managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”). 

Based on the beneficial effects of improvements constructed for the County-wide flood control project, as well as new hydrological data obtained for the Salvador Creek area, the City has requested FEMA to approve revisions to the boundaries of local floodplains and floodways.  Although FEMA’s approval of revisions to the local floodplain and floodways has not yet been finalized, sufficient technical analysis has been completed to support a revision to the boundaries of the City’s special flood hazard areas. 

The proposed urgency ordinance will authorize the City to impose the more stringent of federal and local regulations while FEMA finalizes federal approval of its boundary map for the floodplains and floodways within the City, while at the same time allowing project applicants to apply for permits and entitlements in anticipation of the adoption of the updated boundary map.

Background information, including flood plain and floodway maps concerning the pending flood insurance rate map changes, the Agenda Summary Report and other documents related to this Council item will be available online here no later than 5pm Thursday January 29, 2009, and will be available at the Public Works Department, 1600 First Street, Napa, California, on the Friday before the meeting (January 30, 2009) and may be available earlier depending on the completion and photocopying of the report. Call the Public Works Department at 707-257-9520 for more information.