Monday February 9, 2009

 A contractor working for the City of Napa will remove a large elm tree at 1259 Division Street during the week of February 16, 2009, weather permitting.

Due to neighborhood concerns about removal of the tree as part of the City’s sidewalk repair program, a thorough inspection was performed to determine if the tree could survive and remain stable if some roots were removed during sidewalk work. During this inspection, it was discovered that a major section of the tree trunk approximately 30 feet from the ground was decayed and the center of the tree had rotted away. As a result, the strength of the tree has been compromised and this section of the tree could fail in a storm or wind event, as occurred with a different elm tree of the same age and species in this block in 2008. The arborist’s report recommended removal of the tree to eliminate a high hazard to pedestrians, drivers and the neighboring homes.