Friday February 13, 2009

Applications for Special Event Permits from the City of Napa are now being accepted further in advance of pending events, and must be submitted with increased lead time for processing. In addition, all Special Event Permits are now fully processed and approved by the Community Resources Department, following Council action at their January 20, 2009 meeting.

The approved changes to the Special Event Permit process include:
  • Applications can be submitted up to 365 days in advance of a planned event
  • Applications must be submitted no less than 90 days in advance of the planned event
  • The fee for a Special Event Permit has been increased to $50
  • Special Event Permit applications now receive final approval from the Community Resources Department Director.

The Special Event Permit is required for activities such as parades, street fairs, block parties, rallies, and other events that require closures of City streets, sidewalks or other facilities, or may have an impact on the provision of City services beyond the normal day-to-day level. Permit applications are reviewed by multiple City Departments during the approval process. See the Permits and Licenses page for more information and forms.