Tuesday March 10, 2009

A public meeting will be held March 24, 2009 at 6pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 955 School Street, to announce the release of new preliminary flood hazard maps for areas near the Napa River, Napa Creek and Salvador Channel in the City of Napa.

The new maps have been drawn to reflect the improvements that have been made to date on the Napa River-Napa Creek Flood Protection Project, including the recent completion of the Hatt to First Floodwall. In addition, the City of Napa has requested that FEMA create a Special Flood Hazard Area for the Salvador Channel where none existed before. The maps reflect current flood hazards and will replace the current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM); however, the maps are only preliminary and this public meeting is part of a process in which residents are encouraged to review the maps and request changes for maximum accuracy. The City’s ongoing goal is to inform the community of the most current flood risks.

Napa residents and business persons should note that changes to these maps may affect new construction and requirements for flood insurance.  It is expected that the new maps will be finalized and approved in the spring of 2010. Preliminary maps can be seen at the City of Napa Public Works Department inside the Community Services Building at 1600 First Street in Napa. Interested persons can also learn about upcoming community meetings and the new revised Preliminary Flood map process.  For information about the upcoming map changes for answers to questions, call Karen Harnois at 707-257-9520.