UPDATE! - 2017 Application Submittal Period

The City of Napa Community Development Department will begin accepting applications for Hosted Accommodation vacation rental permits and the Non-Hosted vacation rental permit wait list beginning on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 and continuing through the close of business on Friday, February 24, 2017.

For a list of Active Vacation Rental Permits, click here.

Vacation rentals are residential dwellings that allow for the lodging of guests for periods of fewer than 31 days. This website provides information regarding the regulation of these rentals.

Napa Municipal Code Section 17.52.515 permits two types of Vacation Rentals – Non-Hosted (Whole House) and Hosted Accommodations.

On November 3, 2015, City Council adopted Ordinance O2015-13 which established regulations pertaining to Vacation Rentals (Napa Municipal Code Section 17.52.515).  The Ordinance permits two types of Vacation Rentals - Non-Hosted (Whole House) and Hosted Accommodations.

Non-Hosted Accommodation means a vacation rental business for which the owner (or authorized agent) is not required to reside at the vacation rental unit.
Maximum Number of Non-Hosted Permits: 41
Permit Transferability Allowed: Yes (see Transferability Process below)

Hosted Accommodations means a vacation rental business for which the owner resides at the vacation rental unit, and the owner sleeps at the vacation rental unit while it is being rented.  No more than two bedrooms are rented for transient occupancy.
Maximum Number of Hosted Accommodation Permits: 60

Applications for new Vacation Rental Permits or Wait Lists are only accepted during advertised submittal periods.  Submittal periods will be advertised on this website and in the Napa Valley Register.  Applications submitted outside of the advertised submittal periods will not be accepted.
*** New Vacation Rental Permit applications are not being accepted at this time ***

Existing Non-Hosted Vacation Rental Permits may be transfered to new owners, subject to Napa Municipal Code Subsection 17.52.515(f)(2).  Applications for Non-Hosted Permit Transfers may be submitted at any time.


     Ordinance O2015-13
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     Example - Site Plan
     Example - Rental Agreement
     Fire & Life Safety Self-Inspection for Vacation Rentals [updated 06.29.2016]
     Mailing Label Information
     Standardized City Rules for Inclusion in all Contracts [Microsoft Word - .doc]