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June 7, 2007

(Sacramento CA) The Maxwell Bridge Replacement Project received the “Project of the Year” award from the California Transportation Foundation in a ceremony held at the Sacramento Convention Center June 6, 2007. The Maxwell Bridge Replacement, a vital crossing over the Napa River on Imola Avenue/SR 121, was chosen as Project of the Year from hundreds of endeavors across the state, and was noted by the Foundation for being a “case study in state/local collaboration.”  Mayor Jill Techel and Public Works Director Mike O’Bryon accepted the award on behalf of the City of Napa, and expressed their gratitude for the partnership with Caltrans District 4, the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, design firm URS, and contractor C.C. Myers. 

“What distinguished this project from all of the other transportation projects in the state was the extraordinary partnership and cooperation that was required to adequately fund this project and maintain the multiple funding sources that resulted in project success,” said O’Bryon. 

Mayor Techel said “The CTF wanted to showcase the Maxwell Bridge Project because of the unique level of collaboration between agencies. Instead of building a four-lane causeway leading to a two-lane bridge, we worked together to do it right - replace the bridge - and we worked together to provide the funding.”

Shane Dees, the Project Manager for C. C. Myers on the Maxwell Bridge, dedicated the award to the memory of Chris Stevens, a Myers worker who lost his life during construction. 

C.C. Myers himself was also on hand to receive a Special Award from the foundation for the rapid reconstruction of the damaged MacArthur Maze.

Among the challenges that were met in the course of the Maxwell Bridge Replacement Project:




Advantages of the replacement