Post-quake info for Downtown businesses

Monday August 25, 29014 2:35pm

Information for downtown businesses
Clean-up assistance in public right-of-way:

 - The City has deliberately left some debris in the sidewalk and street until property owners can sufficiently photograph the damage to their buildings for insurance purposes. If your property has not been red-tagged or is not in a barricaded area and you would like assistance from the City to clean debris in the public sidewalk and street in front of you building, please call Jeff Folks at 707-290-6432.

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What to do about a red tag or yellow tag

City inspectors continue to evaluate properties throughout the City following the South Napa Quake of August 24.  

Here is what to do if your property has been tagged:

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Damage widespread in Napa from quake

Sunday August 24, 2014 5:43am

Damage reports are coming in from many areas in Napa following this morning's earthquake. Unreinforced masonry buildings in downtown Napa suffered major damage including the historic courthouse and Goodman library. There are fires reported in north Napa, water line breaks in a variety of locations, and many broken windows and buildings with interior damage. There is no specific information on injuries at this time. 

Strong quake felt in Napa

Sunday August 24, 2014 4:11am

A reported 6.0 earthquake hit the North Bay around 3:20am today. It was centered between Napa and American Canyon and was felt as far as 90 miles away. As of this time, there are no reported injuries. Damage is being assessed now. More information will be provided as it becomes available.