Council to consider two new ordinances

Friday July 11, 2014

At their July 22, 2014 meeting, the City Council is scheduled to consider the adoption of two new ordinances. The first deals with regulating street excavations and encroachments and authorization of a street degradation fee and five-year street excavations and encroachments moratorium. The second is a Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Improvement In-Lieu Fee.

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Grinding and paving for Downtown side streets

UPDATED Thursday July 24, 2014 

Grinding and paving is scheduled for short street sections in the Downtown area beginning Friday, July 25 and continuing through Tuesday, July 29. Crews will work on College Street between First and Second streets on Friday July 25. On Monday July 28 amd Tuesday July 29, Coombs and Randolph streets will be closed, along with the one-way service alley between the Second Street garage and the County offices and other businesses that front on First Street. Sidewalks will remain open in all areas. Work hours will be 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Downtown traffic signals to be installed

Friday July 11, 2014

Installation of traffic signals in Downtown Napa will begin the week of July 14 as the next step in the Downtown Streets Conversion Project. During the work, existing traffic signals will be taken out of service and temporary stop signs will be placed at the intersections. The signals will be returned to service as each intersection is completed, with all signal work scheduled for completion by August 1. The conversion to two-way traffic on First and Second streets will not take place at this time. The traffic signal heads will be installed and covered until the two-way conversion takes place at a later date.

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Fire Marshal issues reminder of fireworks ban

Friday June 27, 2014

The City of Napa reminds residents that the sale, discharge or possession of fireworks, even the so-called “safe and sane” variety, is illegal in the cities of Napa, American Canyon and Calistoga, the Town of Yountville, and all unincorporated areas of Napa County.

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