City asks Sacramento legislators to "Cut up the credit card"

Friday August 1, 2008

The City of Napa supports the efforts of the League of California Cities to convince the State Legislature to solve its budget problems without draining money from local government. The League of Cities issued this media release today:

(Sacramento) Go to to find out how much money the state of California has taken from your city since 1991*. This interactive portal, launched today, is loaded with resources about the long term state seizure of city revenues and its impact.

The website features:
  • A tool that lets visitors calculate how much the state has taken from their city since 1991 and send a “debt statement” to their local legislators;
  • Information about the state’s history of seizing local revenues for its own budget;
  • Statements by California Legislators;
  • Clips and statements from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denouncing borrowing from local government; and
  • News articles, editorials and video clips.


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Theft of recyclables an ongoing problem

Monday July 21, 2008

There’s a type of thievery going on in Napa that many residents and business people ignore – a type of organized crime that has the potential to increase costs for all of us. It’s the theft of recyclable materials, and it’s happening every week right under our noses. 

Recyclable materials at your workplace or home belong to you. You may choose to take your cans and bottles to a recycling buyback center and be paid for their California Redemption Value (CRV) or you may choose to put your recyclables in a commercial-sized recycling bin or blue cart from Napa Recycling & Waste Services (NRWS) and leave it for pickup. Once those materials are in the bin or blue cart, only you or NRWS have the right to remove them.

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Housing Element workshop on tap

housingelementimage.jpgMonday July 21, 2008

The City Council and Planning Commission will take part in a Housing Element Workshop on Thursday August 7, 2008. Start time for the meeting is 6pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 955 School Street.

The Housing Element is the part of the City’s General Plan that focuses on existing and future housing needs and how to address them. Strategies and programs in the new Housing Element will guide the City’s housing development and conservation efforts over the next several years.

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Ritz-Carlton Napa Valley project approved by Council

Thursday July 17, 2008

With a unanimous vote, the Napa City Council approved the Ritz-Carlton Napa Valley project at its July 15, 2008 meeting. The developer, River House Land Company, is expected to now pursue the needed construction permits with the first quarter of 2011 targeted for completion of construction and occupancy.

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Police on the lookout for DUIs Friday night

Wednesday July 16, 2008

During the evening of Friday July 18, 2008, the Napa Police Department will be conducting DUI Saturation Patrols. The patrols will take place in an area of the City of Napa where a high number of collisions caused by driving under the influence have occured, and in areas where a high number of DUI arrests have been made.

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